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Jeffrey Miller
Award-Winning Author

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No Way Out

Robert Turner quit his Midwestern dead-end job and moved to South Korea to teach English. With the success of the 1988 Summer Olympics fresh in his mind and democracy on the rise, Turner bet on Seoul to be the perfect place for some well-needed adventure and a brighter future.

But during his first weekend in Seoul, what starts out as an innocent night-on-the-town turns into a drunken nightmare after Turner wakes up in bed with a dead prostitute and can’t remember what happened. Now, an entire nation wants to see him pay the ultimate price for the crime.

Abandoned by the US Embassy, with only the help of a public defender, Turner has to escape a web of organized crime, rogue law enforcement, and a rising tide of anti-American sentiment from an entire country demanding justice. How does a man survive when he has No Way Out?

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"A pacy, noir-ish tale that will appeal to fans of Martin Limon's works or indeed anyone who likes a hard-boiled thriller. "


 Daniel Tudor, Author of A Geek in Korea: Discovering Asia's New Kingdom of Cool

Praise & Reviews

"Miller conveys well the corruption of a Confucian-flavored culture as it undergoes psychological integration with its growing international status as an economic powerhouse."

The Korea Times

"Buckle up for a hairy ride through the underbelly of Korea, where police torture suspects into confessions and prosecutors are blackmailed. Here is Jeffrey Miller at his best, keeping us in suspense until the last page."

Michael Breen, Author of The New Koreans


About Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller has spent over three decades in Asia as a university lecturer and writer, including six years as a feature writer for the Korea Times, South Korea's oldest English-language newspaper.


Originally from LaSalle, Illinois, he relocated to South Korea in 1990 where he nurtured a love for spicy Korean food, Buddhist temples, and East Asian History.


He's the author of ten books including War Remains, a Korean War novel based on articles he wrote about Korean War Commemorative events from 2000-2003 for the Korea Times. The award-winning book won two Military Writers Society of America 2011 Book Awards: Gold for Literary Fiction and Silver in the Korean War category.

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