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No Way Out (2023)

A Novel 

Robert Turner quit his Midwestern dead-end job and moved to South Korea to teach English. With the success of the 1988 Summer Olympics fresh in his mind and democracy on the rise, Turner bet on Seoul to be the perfect place for some well-needed adventure and a brighter future.

But during his first weekend in Seoul, what starts out as an innocent night-on-the-town turns into a drunken nightmare after Turner wakes up in bed with a dead prostitute and can’t remember what happened. Now, an entire nation wants to see him pay the ultimate price for the crime.

Abandoned by the US Embassy, with only the help of a public defender, Turner has to escape a web of organized crime, rogue law enforcement, and a rising tide of anti-American sentiment from an entire country demanding justice. How does a man survive when he has No Way Out?

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The Hatchet Man (2020)

A Novel

In the tiny community of Spring Valley, Illinois, stories of the Hatchet Man prowling an abandoned cemetery in an area known as Black Hollow have terrified residents for more than a half-century. Spread over five acres in a wooded glen, the cemetery, home to some of the first settlers in the area, has quietly marked the passage of time. While many of the names of those early settlers on the weather-worn, moss-covered tombstones have been lost to the ravages of time, not so is the legacy of the Hatchet Man and the ghastly murders he committed here. The Hatchet Man has killed before. The only question is, when will he kill again?


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The Day the Earth Swallowed Louis (2019)

A Novel

Louis Patterson is having a bad day. A very bad day. His wife left him. He's in a dead-end job. He gets robbed. His favorite TV show was canceled. And then a sinkhole opens up under his house.

Louis is a troubled vet, who would like nothing more than to pick up the pieces of a broken life, but when a fracking company outside of town triggers an earthquake, it sets in motion a series of events causing a sinkhole to open up under Louis’s house. While rescuers race to save Louis trapped at the bottom of the sinkhole, the whole town turns out to cheer on Louis and the rescue attempt. With time and options running out, will Louis be rescued or will the earth entomb him forever?


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Bureau 39 (2017)

A  Novel

North Korea drug money is funding WMDs and there's only one person who can stop it!

For decades since the collapse of communism, North Korea, the so-called "hermit kingdom" has survived by making international crime a state enterprise.

CIA operative Frank Mitchum’s area of specialty is Bureau 39 – the top-secret government unit responsible for financing the rogue state’s weapons of mass destruction. Mitchum uncovers the involvement of Jimmy Wu, a Hong Kong methamphetamine mogul, whose cross-border smuggling routes are vital to Bureau 39’s supply of WMD components.

An explosion at a container terminal in Hong Kong, an arms dealer and smuggler arrested in Thailand, and the disappearance of a CIA asset plague the investigation.

Even as the bodies pile up, Mitchum races to cut off Bureau 39's resources before it is too late; because the threat of the world’s first nuclear holocaust depends on it.

When a Hard Rain Falls (2013)

A Novel 

What starts out as a long overdue camping trip for Keith Mitchell and his two sons turns into one of terror and survival.

Mitchell, who wants to spend a week with his two sons before his estranged wife moves them to another state, takes them on a camping trip--the kind that Mitchell used to go on when he was a child. However, the trip quickly turns deadly as Mitchell battles the forces of nature during a torrential thunderstorm and puts him on a collision course with a broken man on the run from the law who won't let anyone stand in his way.

What Readers Are Saying

A fast-paced gripping ride!

An outstanding edge-of-your-seat thriller. Couldn't put it down!

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