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Book Review: The Tree: Tales From a Revolution--New Hampshire

What I've enjoyed most about reading Lars Hedbor's fantastic series of books on Colonial America is the way this period of history comes alive page after page. Hedbor has a knack for telling these stories that remind me of such classics like Johnny Tremain and Last of the Mohicans. These books are such a treat to read--both in the individual stories as well as the historical details.

In The Tree: Tales From a Revolution -- New Hampshire, Hedbor is in top form again. I have to confess that of all the books in this series, this by far is my favorite. A lot has to do with the story about Abe and the trials and tribulations this young lad goes through in the story. However, there's also a bit of a suspense story here, which I found most riveting to read and kept me riveted right up to the very end. But it's the daily life about this period of America's history that I always enjoy the most, whether it's getting the language patterns and dialects down or simply describing preparing a meal. And as always, Hedbor excels with bringing this period of history alive, time and time again.

These are fun, entertaining, and historically accurate books to read and enjoy.

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